Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Veterans
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As a veteran, I encourage businesses to voluntarily adopt strong pro-veteran hiring practices and provide veteran discounts. I believe this is best accomplished through visibility: by facilitating the creation of a business rating system to be administered by veterans’ organizations, not by the government, so that people can tell which businesses hire and give discounts to vets.

I want to increase public knowledge about and understanding of the new “veteran” designation on the California driver’s license. This will help businesses identify veterans, and veterans identify themselves to businesses.

As a veteran and doctor, I’m going to insist that veterans in this state have great healthcare, good jobs, and safe, affordable housing. We must also combat the scourge of suicide among veterans, which takes more lives than armed conflict.

I will also help veterans convert education and training received in the military into credits towards degrees and certificates in the civilian world. This can be accomplished by building partnerships among military training programs, California’s colleges and universities, and the professional boards in California.