Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Small Business
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Small Business

I will be champion of local small businesses. If you run a small business in AD 51, you are the engine of our district’s prosperity. I will simplify or eliminate regulations that burden you but have no point. But, we do have to fight any attempts to weaken important rules that actually protect health, environment, workers, or safety in meaningful ways.

I know from personal experience, many regulations are actually promoted by big business in order to create barriers to entry for small players. Clean money and campaign finance reform are critical to ending this abuse of our politics.

I will introduce legislation to help small businesses adjust as California moves to a $15 minimum wage.

Universal healthcare will liberate small businesses from having to worry about providing health benefits, selecting plans, sharing costs with employees, etc., and will enable them to focus on their actual business. This will be good for small businesses, their employees, and all Californians.  Single payer health care will lower health costs for small and medium sized businesses in this district.

I am deeply concerned that Wall Street and our financial institutions largely fail to serve the needs of small businesses. So, I’m open to creative solutions. Recently John Chiang, our treasurer and a candidate for Governor, has proposed a Bank of California, which would be designed to help small businesses across the state grow, hire, and thrive. Would that help you and grow your business in AD 51?