Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Science
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As a doctor, I put science to work every day in my clinical practice, and I have been a working scientist in the past myself. I have written grants and authored scientific papers. I even hold a patent. My mother is a retired biochemist and my father a retired chemical engineer (both with PhDs).

I am proud to follow in the tradition of Franklin, Jefferson, and Lincoln, who each worked in areas of science or engineering and brought those sensibilities and the spirit of the Enlightenment to public life. I will bring science and evidence to policymaking, the same way I use it in my practice as a doctor. I reject the Trump-era disconnect of truth from politics. As your representative, it will be my job to use the facts alongside your concerns to build policies and systems that work for all of us.

We need to do better with science and technical education, supporting STEM from pre-K-12 to the highest levels at our universities and research institutions.

We in California can take up the mantle of scientific research that Washington has neglected as the result of political infighting and closed-minded ideology. From stem cell research to applying public health methods to reduce gun violence, California can lead the way.

We need to fight Trump’s demonization of immigrants, many of whom (like my parents) have been attracted to this country and to California to learn and work in technical fields. At the same time, we need to make pathways for kids who are born or grow up here— including girls—to join this vibrant part of our economy.

Anti-science politicians in Washington, bought by fossil fuel money, deny climate change. Here in California, we will fight to protect our planet by:

  • Setting a defined date by which we will be powered by renewable only
  • Ending fracking and keeping fossil fuels in the ground where they belong
  • Not falling into the trap of making electricity by burning natural gas

We in the 51st District have the educational resources and institutions to become a biotech, general tech, and arts/tech hub.

I want California to be the State that thinks, tests, makes and does.