Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Money in Politics
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Money in Politics

I support the DISCLOSE Act, AB 249, which will require independent political advertisements to display the top three donors to the ad campaign. This will allow voters to follow the money and see who is actually pushing policies, candidates, and initiatives we see advertised.

The DISCLOSE Act is one key step toward ending the control of politics by rich individuals and corporations. The legislature just passed a limited version of the bill, and it awaits the Governor’s signature. I will fight to restore key elements that were removed. I will also fight for public financing of elections in California as the next big step. This will level the playing field for all candidates, and will ensure that none are required to bend their priorities toward large corporate interests or corporate PACs.

I have not and will not take a dime of corporate money in my campaign.

Candidates should be elected because they have the right ideas, not just because they have the right friends! Right now, we know that politics is truly crazy, and we can see it at every level from school boards and community councils all the way up to the White House. Elected officials need to represent their constituents once they’re in office, not the corporations—even if corporate money paid for their campaigns. The way things are now, it’s very hard to tell who gets money from where, and most residents in AD 51 are left out of the political process. Our best ideas are found in the people and their lived experiences, not through legalized bribery. Politicians should spend their time turning the best ideas into laws that protect and serve our human interests. And I’ll settle for nothing less until I believe that’s the work happening in Sacramento.

Where do we go after implementing the DISCLOSE Act and bringing public financing to political campaigns? I will work to overturn Citizens United through an amendment to the United States Constitution to end the legal status of a corporation as a person and money as a form of speech. This process can begin right here in California, and I will dive in quickly and become part of the group of political leaders working to make this happen.

I’m running for office as a concerned citizen. I want to represent your interests in Sacramento. I can promise you full transparency in my own campaign financing, truth-telling about money in politics, and action toward a California that can’t be bought by big corporate interests. I’m eager to talk to you about my own experience running for office and to encourage you to run! If enough of us get involved in this, I promise you, we’ll change this political landscape for the better.