Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | LGBTQIA Rights
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As an ally of the LGBTQIA community, I fight alongside you.

We have made big strides in California on marriage equality and against discrimination, but we cannot rest. I would like to turn new attention and vigor to improving the lived experience of members of the LGBTQIA community in this district and our state. Specifically:

  • The experience of young people as they come to understand their own gender identity and sexuality. They must be able to do so in a safe, nurturing and bully-free environment that does not assume conclusions and supports them on their journeys with love, mentorship, and openness.
  • Seniors and retirees as they move into new settings.
  • The intersectional lived experience of LGBTQIA Angelenos in immigrant communities and communities of color.

AD 51 is home of the Black Cat Tavern demonstrations (just three blocks from where my family lives), which preceded the Stonewall riots by a couple of years. I will champion that story to make sure that the place of AD 51 in the history of LGBTQIA civil rights is heard loud and clear.

In celebrating and supporting our differences and diversity, we must listen and learn from all people. My goal as an ally of the LGBTQIA community is to fight for you. I know that in order to do so, I must also learn from you.