Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Justice
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I support criminal sentencing reform for non-violent offenses. California’s “three strikes” law must be repealed and personal drug possession must be decriminalized.

I support community policing and will work to end the institutional racism built into our system of mass incarceration.

California must spend less on jails and more on schools and mental health services. I believe criminal justice reform is crucial to enabling all Californians to lead productive lives and build a more prosperous future together.

We waste time, effort, money, and years of people’s lives jailing them because they possess drugs. Some need treatment. None need incarceration.

I support money bail reform and oppose private prisons.

Too many grave inequities are ingrained in our criminal justice system. I mourn with the broken families and communities impacted by mass incarceration. It won’t be easy, but we have to fight together to end this.

Law enforcement is not easy work. We need to support people who dedicate themselves to public service in this way but at the same time hold them to highest account for the just use of the power and authority we grant them. The prevention of crime in our communities and the good treatment of all people in our communities are not irreconcilable, and I stand with the majority of those in law enforcement who understand this vital truth.