Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Immigrant Rights
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Immigrant Rights

I will lead the principled resistance to deportation forces. I strongly supported the original version of the California Values Act, SB 54, to make California a “sanctuary state.” As passed by the California legislature, the bill makes some compromises, but still affords strong and important protections against inappropriate and unnecessary actions by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. My mom and dad are immigrants; I will not support use of state or local resources for immigration enforcement, and I will continue to oppose cooperation with ICE in deporting law-abiding people in California.

I will push for due process rights for those in deportation proceedings, including a statewide guarantee of legal representation (i.e., a statewide version of the Justice Fund created in Los Angeles City and County).

I know that, ultimately, the answer lies in comprehensive immigration reform on the federal level. In the short term, we should support Congressional action on passing the Dream Act to combat the Trump administration’s moves to rescind DACA.

As a doctor, I often see undocumented immigrants whose health is compromised because they do not have the same access to healthcare and other services as others. I will support continuation and expansion of programs at the local and state level to ensure that all people in California have access to health care, regardless of socioeconomic or immigration status. The best way to do that in California is to pass the Healthy California Act, SB-562, in the next session because that provides Medicare for All (and “All” means all people, regardless of documentation status).