Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Arts
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I believe that the arts are vital to California’s economy (especially in the neighborhoods of AD 51) and bring beauty and meaning to our lives. If funding for the arts is slashed at the federal level, I will fight to ensure that California replaces such funding through the California Arts Council. And we will do a better job spending that money efficiently and effectively.

I will also focus California Arts Council funding on smaller arts organizations, and on arts promotion in historically underserved areas and in our diverse communities. We need simplified grant and budgeting procedures that do not make life difficult for artists.

I will also close the loopholes in the California Earned Income Tax Credit (“EITC”) so that artists and others with self-reported income may participate in this vital program for income equality.

I understand the importance of single-payer healthcare for building a thriving arts community. This will give artists room to take risks, in their life decisions and work, instead of maintaining day jobs simply to have health insurance. Many people come to Los Angeles, taking big risks, with dreams of becoming an artist. I support these dreams. I believe they make LA the exciting place it is, and a focus of world attention.