Ron Birnbaum for Assembly | Ron’s Plan For Our Community
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Ron’s Plan For Our Community

Ron is a lifelong Democrat, progressive community activist, union member, and Democratic Delegate and will get results for our community. As a physician tirelessly dedicated to the underserved in Los Angeles County, he sees that when government fails, people suffer.  He knows that progressive policies put human needs first and that the way to put them in place is to organize,  galvanize, and speak to the deep human spirit of people in this community. Here’s how Ron will get the job done:

Healthcare for All

We are a wealthy state in a wealthy nation, and it’s our duty to ensure comprehensive healthcare for all Californians. Ron will:

  • Support single-payer healthcare for California and SB 562.
  • Continue this district’s progressive legacy by spearheading passage of the Healthy California Act which will lead the nation by bringing universal healthcare to our state.
  • Fight for a healthcare plan that is cost effective and saves employers money better spent on wages and jobs.
  • Use his knowledge of the medical insurance and health care delivery systems to get California the best coverage in the world.
  • End medical bankruptcies and the gut-wrenching anxiety people feel about health care costs once and for all.  What we all want in health insurance is peace of mind.
  • Guarantee funding for Planned Parenthood by passing the Healthy California Act.

Clean Up Politics

Dark corporate money and deliberate denial of access to the ballot box are what block passage of universal healthcare, minimum wage increases, environmental protections, and more. Ron is a clean money champion, and vows to:

  • Lead by example in his campaign so he won’t be beholden to lobbyists and corporations.  Ron will say NO to the legalized bribery of large corporations.
  • Fight to pass the DISCLOSE Act, and let voters know who is trying to buy their elections.
  • Support Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform and the overturn of Citizens United
  • Revolutionize access to the ballot box in California by continuing to make registration and voting easier for everyone.  As a Navy veteran, Ron takes it personally whenever a citizen encounters a barrier to voting or is denied the right to vote.

Immigrant Rights

Bilingual in Spanish, Ron is a child of Argentinian immigrants who came to America to build a better life, and he knows that the rights of all people must be protected from the hostility coming from Washington. Ron will fight to:

  • Stop the deportation of law abiding people in this country.
  • Champion legislation to make California a Sanctuary State and ensure that California law enforcement and government stand with all residents.

A Livable Wage, A Livable Community

While big corporations are making record profits, poor, working-class and middle-class people struggle in a climate of high rent and low wages. Ron will:

  • Continue to support minimum wage laws, make sure our wages keep up with inflation, and find new ways to lessen income inequality.
  • Be a champion of local small businesses – the engine of our prosperity  – to strengthen and grow their presence in our community and keep them creating and hiring.
  • Connect the dots between a healthy environment, healthy people, and a healthy economy.